Applies to all drivers! Changes in the Traffic Regulations 2024 in Ukraine.

One of the initiatives related to the changes to the Traffic Rules is the introduction of a psychological examination of drivers over the age of 65 to extend the validity of their driver’s license. This is due to age-related changes in the human body: deterioration of vision, hearing, reaction speed and difficulties with concentration. The examination will be conducted to assess the general mental state, and is aimed at improving road safety. In the European Union, such a norm entered into force on January 1, 2024, so it is possible that it will soon be implemented in Ukraine as well.

Another change for car drivers is the return of phantom patrol cars that will monitor traffic rules. This method of recording offenses existed before, but with the beginning of the invasion of Russian troops, it was temporarily stopped.

Also, starting in 2024, it will be possible to take exams for obtaining a driver’s license without mandatory training at a driving school.

The introduction of mandatory technical control of the condition of the car is a norm that the European Union insists on. Therefore, this issue continues to be relevant, although there are many technical difficulties with the implementation of this norm.

The term Training vehicle has been replaced by Training vehicle. Now training vehicles will be marked with the sign “H” instead of “U”.

Drivers are required to turn on their headlights outside of built-up areas throughout the year.

Transporting a child under 150 cm tall is prohibited without systems that allow the child to be fastened with seat belts. This applies to both a motorcycle and a moped.

Among the planned changes in 2024 are also:

  • cancellation of the “non-penalized” 20 km/h speed limit;
  • ban on drifting;
  • introduction of fines for violation of noise regulations;
  • restriction of driving by young drivers at night from 00:00 to 6:00.

It is clear that the innovations cause many questions and disputes, and we urge drivers to be aware and follow the Traffic Rules and maintain road safety.

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