Cenntro Electric Group is an American-Chinese company, one of the largest manufacturers of electric commercial vehicles. Light commercial electric vehicles for the service of various organizations, support of city services and for delivery over short and medium distances, with a minimum level of noise

do not need fuel

budget maintenance

environmentally safe

PEUGEOT cars popular in Ukraine for business and personal use.

Various configuration options are available. Convenience and comfort on long trips. Possibility to convert the car to your needs: a refrigerator, a tented van, an open platform for transporting bulky items, etc.


LLC “MDG” – offers a wide range of cars for business to solve the necessary problems. Our specialists are always ready to provide advice on any issues and give recommendations on choosing a model specifically for your company. In the car showroom, you will be able to inspect and test the car that interests you.

We will be happy to send you an offer with possible options.


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